Bunking in Style with La Lune’s Newest Bunk Beds

We’ve said it before – “At La Lune Collection we are big fans of the bunk bed, and we know we’re not alone” – and we now have 3 BIG reasons to say it again!

Everyone knows that bunk beds present the perfect way of hosting houseguests in a comfortable and stylish manner. But what about the question of where to put their stuff?  Two of the newest additions to the La Lune Collection Bunk Bed family handily address this concern with the addition of built-in drawers under the bottom bunk, all beautifully handcrafted and showing off their finely detailed designs of poplar branches.

Rustic Bunk Bed #4622, Twin-over-Full

A striking pattern of angled branches is the outstanding design feature on this handsome Bunk Bed, enhanced by the addition of generous, beautifully crafted drawers. Meticulous construction, kiln drying, special joints and finishes, and attention to every detail ensure its enduring strength and beauty. (Shown below in Desert finish on bark)

La Lune Collection Bunk Bed 45466L


Rustic Bunk Bed #4626, Twin-over-Twin

Classic lines, rustic styling, and superior craftsmanship combine to create the ultimate sleeping experience with this charming Bunk Bed. Enhanced by the addition of generous and beautifully crafted drawers, it’s the perfect blend of beauty, function, and comfort. (Shown below in Taupe finish on bark)

La Lune Collection Bunk Bed 45472R



And, what about those extra “last minute” guests?  The following new Bunk Bed, that boasts generous Queen-over-Queen or Full-over-Full proportions, charmingly assures that there is adequate room for all comers.  (For more information, or to see more beautiful rustic bunk bed styles, be sure to visit La Lune Collection’s complete collection of bunk beds.)

Rustic Bunk Bed #4526, Queen-over-Queen

With its strong, sturdy, and classic lines, this Bunk Bed beautifully provides generous sleeping accommodations –  carefully created by hand, using the same simple tools and techniques employed by furniture craftsman for several centuries.  (Shown below in Natural finish on bark)

La Lune Collection Bunk Bed 4526



New Year, New Choices – and La Lune’s New Features!

Who doesn’t love to start the year with something fresh and new? We certainly do at La Lune Collection, and we’ve got THREE new features on our beautiful website to tout – check out below the expanded options on our Fabric, Leather, and Finish pages.  And, be sure to click on the images to explore these newest options even further!

La Lune Collection Fabrics…

With the addition of ten (10) attractive new Sunbrella textiles to our fabric selection, one has the ability to choose the perfect color or texture to go with our beautifully handcrafted furniture.

La Lune Collection Fabrics


La Lune Collection Leathers…

We’re proud of our new leather additions as well as of the brand new images of our entire leather selection – take a look for yourself – one soft, rich rustic leather is prettier than the next.

La Lune Collection Leathers


La Lune Collection Wood Finishes…

The handsome new photography on our Wood Finishes page makes it easier than ever to choose just the right finish – why,  it’s the next best thing to touching the wood itself!

La Lune Collection Wood Finishes



La Lune Collection’s Top 5 of 2015

As we look forward to 2016, we’re excited to consider the new opportunities, experiences – and beautiful new rustic furniture designs – that the new year will bring. At the same time, what  fun it is for us to recall the full year that we have just left behind!

And so, in the spirit of reflection, we’re delighted to share here our most popular articles of 2015:

1. La Lune Collection Throws its “Doors Open”!

During one special weekend in September, over 100 buildings in Milwaukee allow their doors to be thrown open, much to the delight of the curious guests who take a peek at what’s going on inside…

La Lune Collection Factory Showroom














2. Nature’s Color Palette: Wood Finishes from La Lune Collection

19th century American poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson, once wrote that “nature always wears the colors of the spirit”.  At La Lune Collection we take these words to heart, and have made all of our unique rustic furniture designs available in a striking array of nature’s own various hues and textures …

Ebony Finish on BarkEbony Finish on Bark

A rich shade of black, sanded to reveal slight flecks of the natural bark underneath – this one almost beckons to be touched!


Settee #1404La Lune Collection Settee #1404

Organic lines of nature are the design trademarks of this Settee, which is created by hand, using the same simple tools and techniques employed by furniture craftsman for several centuries.









3. At La Lune it (Still) Begins with a Drawing…

At La Lune we’re very proud of our lovely website. However, many years before La Lune’s website even existed, our collection was accessible only via a catalog comprised entirely of hand-drawn pencil illustrations…

La Lune Collection Original Drawing | Settee #1150La Lune Collection Settee #1150












4. Pantone Color Picks by la Lune Collection

Pantone, recognized as the world’s authority on color, has been inspiring design professionals with “products, services, and leading technology for colorful exploration” for over 50 years…


marsalaPantone “Marsala”

“Interesting on its own and a wonderful contrast for other hues, PANTONE 18-1438 Marsala is a winey red-brown that adds finesse and savoir faire. Rich and robust, Marsala incorporates the warmth and richness of a tastefully fulfilling meal, while its grounding red-brown roots point to a sophisticated, natural earthiness.”



La Lune Porch Swing #1233

A beautiful and comfy addition to your front porch – or even an indoor room, just for fun – this La Lune Porch Swing is sure to bring a sense of pure joy to your home.






5. Sweet Dreams are Made of These: Canopy Beds by La Lune

Annie Lennox of the ‘Eurythmics’, who sang nearly identical words almost 25 years ago, could very well have been singing about La Lune Collection’s distinctively beautiful canopy beds…

La Lune Collection Canopy Bed # 4090















La Lune Salutes the 2016 Color of the Year: Simply White!

The color gurus at Benjamin Moore recently revealed their pick for 2016 Color of the Year – announcing SIMPLY WHITE!

Benjamin Moore’s creative director Ellen O’Neill noted several observations about their choice – and about white in general – including the following:

  • “White is a perfect way to define a space in a beautiful and sophisticated way.”
  • “White doesn’t go in and out of style. It can be elevated to a design tool, especially when it’s texturized and layered with other whites.”
  • “Once you start to see the nuances of the color, the look is very elegant, very refined, very deliberate.”

At La Lune Collection we whole-heartedly salute this color pick. Our own wood finishes include a wealth of rich shades of white – and to get into the spirit of this ‘white inspiration’, we’re sharing a dozen of our beautiful rustic La Lune furniture pieces ‘wearing’ some of our magnificent white finishes, including Antique White, Whitewash, Navajo, Sandstone, Taupe, and more.


La Lune Collection Hutch w/Glass Doors #2066 Rustic Hutch with Glass Doors #2066 | Taupe Finish

With its welcoming traditional appeal and superb craftsmanship, this Hutch has the look and feel of furnishings from a bygone era. Our craftsmen proudly sustain the ancient tradition of hand-made rustic furniture, using the same methods and materials that were used by the early artisans.









La Lune Collection Upholstered Bed #4100Rustic Bed (King) #4100 | Whitewash Finish

With its clean, classic lines this beautiful upholstered bed is equally at home in traditional, rustic, and eclectic settings.  Masterfully upholstered by our craftsmen, it’s a perfect combination of style, strength, and comfort.







La Lune Collection Club Chair #1252Rustic Club Chair #1252 | Sandstone Finish

Simplicity truly is beautiful, as evidenced by the sturdy lines and uncomplicated comfort of this Armless Club Chair – the ideal seating solution for countless design applications.








La Lune Collection Mirror #5052 Rustic Mirror #5052 | Whitewash Finish

An elegant “sun burst” is created for this Mirror by La Lune’s furniture artisans, who painstakingly apply perfectly measured and matched “sun rays” – a breathtaking piece of artwork.







La Lune Collection Dining Table #3104 Rustic Dining Table #3104 | Whitewash Finish

This octagonal Dining Table is a La Lune favorite! Its inspired rustic design, created by our master craftsmen,  features a precise branch “apron” and a gracefully organic base of free-form branches.






La Lune Collection 6 Drawer Chest #2190Six Drawer Rustic Chest #2190 | Antique White Finish

Our expert craftsmen have tended to every detail in the construction of this finely crafted chest, carefully cutting and applying by hand the branches that make up its handsome design.







La Lune Collection Bunk Bed #4254 Rustic Bunk Bed #4254 | Antique White Finish

A striking pattern of angled branches creates the outstanding design feature of this handsome Bunk Bed. Meticulous construction, kiln drying, special joints and finishes, and attention to every detail ensure its enduring strength and beauty.









La Lune Collection Armoire #2006 Armoire #2006 | Navajo Finish

Branches are meticulously cut and positioned by hand by our skilled artisans to create each individual pattern on this handsome Armoire – finely crafted, interior and exterior.











La Lune Collectin Arm Chairs #1042 Rustic Arm Chairs #1042 | Antique White Finish

This Chair’s rustic simplicity makes it a most versatile decorating piece, an appealing combination of sturdiness and elegance.








La Lune Collection Buffet #2536 Rustic Buffet #2536 | Sandstone Finish

This finely crafted Buffet is a beautiful place to store the finest dishes and stemware, and provides, as well, the perfect space for entertaining.







La Lune Collection Canopy Bed #4090 Rustic Canopy Bed #4090 | Antique White Finish

Elegant and stately, this Canopy Bed lends a sense of drama to any decorating style – a stunning addition to traditional, contemporary, transitional AND rustic bedrooms.










Rustic Dining Table #3121 and Rustic Side Chairs #1400 | Sandstone Finish

With plenty of room for all, this Trestle Table features a base with a striking diamond design, and is beautifully accompanied by Side Chairs that exhibit the graceful and organic lines of nature. All pieces are carefully constructed by hand using the same simple tools and techniques employed by furniture craftsman for several centuries.

La Lune Collection Table #3121, Side Chairs #1400




7 Reasons to Love a (Rustic) Loveseat

“Loveseat” traditionally refers a small sofa or couch, the term most likely stemming from the fact that its diminutive size will accommodate only two people for comfortable seating. First gaining popularity during the Victorian era, the upside of the loveseat then was that it allowed courting couples to sit close enough to each other to converse, and yet still not touch – making it the perfect answer to the need for “decency” as required by the social norms of the day.

Today, loveseats are the perfect answer to the need for beautiful, comfortable seating options in a smaller size, and La Lune Collection offers many reasons to love the loveseat. Below are seven such reasons, including one that swings through the air!

Rustic Loveseat #1177 by La Lune Collection small

1.  Rustic Loveseat #1177 in Natural Finish

The striking “diamond back” design on this Loveseat is truly a stand-out design element. In addition to being beautiful, carefully handcrafted cushions make this piece the utmost in comfort as well.

Rustic Loveseat #1265 by La Lune Collectionl










2 .  Rustic Loveseat #1265 in Kahlua Finish

La Lune’s fine wood craftsmen have meticulously created hand-notched designs on this Loveseat, using the same simple tools and techniques employed by furniture makers for several centuries.

Rustic Loveseat #1014 by La Lune Collection


3.  Rustic Loveseat #1014 in Natural Finish

Flowing “waterfall” lines are the focal point of this Loveseat’s back and arms – it’s the perfect piece to either dress up with accent pillows or leave unadorned, displaying its elegant design features.

Rustic Love Seat #1244 by La Lune Collection



4. Rustic Loveseat #1244 in Natural Finish

With its strong, sturdy, and classic lines, this Loveseat is equally at home in traditional, rustic, and eclectic settings.

Rustic Loveseat #1404 by La Lune Collection


5. Rustic Settee #1404 in Pecan Finish

Graceful and organic lines of nature are the design trademarks of this Settee. Strikingly beautiful, this piece will most surely draw compliments from anyone who sees or sits on it!

Rustic Love Seat #1168 by La Lune Collection6. Rustic Loveseat #1168 in Kahlua Finish

Clean and classic lines make are the hallmarks of this charming Loveseat – a perfect combination of style, strength, and comfort.







Rustic Porchswing #1091 by La Lune Collection7. Rustic Porch Swing #1091 in Sandstone Finish

A carefree sway, to-and-fro, on this delightful Porch Swing makes the world a more beautiful place – plump up its comfy throw pillows, and enjoy the ride!









Hot Off the Presses – There’s Something New at La Lune Collection!

We’re excited to announce that La Lune Collection’s brand-spanking new brochure has just rolled off the presses – and we think it’s beautiful, if we do say so ourselves. We’re guessing you will, too. If you’d like your own copy, so you can check it out for yourself, just click here and let us know where to send it – we’ll happily pop one in the mail to you “in two shakes of a lamb’s tail”!

Clare + Danielle 600













La Lune Collection Throws its “Doors Open”!

During one special weekend in September, over 100 buildings in Milwaukee allow their doors to be thrown open, much to the delight of the curious guests who take a peek at what’s going on inside. The weekend event, dubbed “DOORS OPEN”, was inaugurated by Historic Milwaukee, Inc. in 2011, and La Lune Collection has enthusiastically participated in this architectural “show and tell” every year since then.

La Lune Collection Front DoorThis year on Saturday, September 19th, La Lune again greeted hundreds of visitors at its factory showroom’s front door, where company co-founder, Mario Costantini, led them on an extensive tour of the factory grounds, offices, and workshop facilities.

Why take the time to do this every year? There’s one simple reason – we are unreservedly proud of the beautiful buildings that La Lune Collection calls home. The complex’s original buildings were built over a century ago of the famed golden-colored ‘Cream City’ bricks – indigenous to the Milwaukee region – by local contractors H. Schmitt & Son, a company renowned for constructing beautiful churches and cathedrals throughout the Milwaukee area.

Mario and Cathy Costantini, founders of La Lune Collection, purchased the buildings in 1986 and lovingly renovated the neglected buildings to their original glory, constructing several additional buildings on the property in the ensuing years. In 2009, La Lune Collection welcomed the Florentine Opera Company to one of their warehouse buildings, creating a rehearsal space to house the company’s “Opera Center”.

Weren’t able to join La Lune Collection for this year’s “Doors Open”? No problem – we’ve assembled below a pictorial factory tour of some of the highlights to be seen at 930 E. Burleigh Street, Milwaukee, WI .

A bird’s eye view provides a good sense of the La Lune Collection “campus” – comprised of offices, a factory showroom, workshop buildings, and warehouses – which occupies a one-half city block of the trendy, artist-friendly, residential  Milwaukee neighborhood known as ‘Riverwest’.

La Lune Collection Aerial View










Colorful awnings festoon the Cream City brick façade of La Lune’s offices and factory showroom buildings, which were originally constructed over 100 years ago. All visitors to the company will pass through the arched entry of this building, located on the corner of tree-lined, residential streets.

Showroom exterior 600W










Just a few steps inside the building, visitors enter the La Lune Collection factory showroom, which is lined by the company’s administrative offices. Here one is able to view a changing display of furniture  from the collection, including chairs, tables, beds, chests, cabinets, armoires, and more. 

La Lune Collection Factory Showroom










After visiting the factory showroom, a step outdoors and a short stroll through a paved courtyard will bring visitors to La Lune Collection’s busy workshops. In these sun-filled rooms – which are filled with century-old machinery and tools – skilled craftsmen, carpenters, upholsterers, and seamstresses create the works-of-art that are La Lune Collection rustic furniture, sold nationally, and predominately to businesses in the design trade.

La Lune Collection Workshop










No trip to La Lune Collection’s workshop is complete without a greeting from Lucy and Rocky – La Lune’s trusty mascots – pictured here with Mario amid the stacks of poplar, willow, and cedar logs that await their transformation into beautiful furniture.

dogs + logs 600W











La Lune Collection Front GateLa Lune Collection is also happy to host in one of its buildings the Florentine Opera Center, home to Milwaukee’s Grammy award-winning professional opera company. This flowered courtyard – with its decorative iron gate – serves as a welcoming entrance for all visitors to the Florentine Opera Company.











At the end of the day, when night has fallen and all of La Lune’s visitors and employees have returned home, the courtyard serenely awaits their return the next morning.  Good Night, from La Lune Collection!

La Lune Collection Courtyard at Night












At La Lune it (Still) Begins with a Drawing…

La Lune Collection Artist, Jen

La Lune Collection Artist, Jen

At La Lune Collection we’re very proud of our lovely website, which features hundreds of photographs and a wealth of interesting things to read about our company and our people, as well as about our work “outside” of La Lune. And, of course, the highlight of our website is our beautiful and unique handcrafted rustic furniture!

However, many years before La Lune’s website even existed, our collection was accessible via a catalog comprised entirely of beautifully hand-drawn pencil illustrations.

Each illustration is a true work of art, and most were drawn by Jen, La Lune Collection’s gifted “resident artist” for over 18 years.



Today, the tradition of handcrafted artistry in the form of drawings done by hand continues at La Lune Collection. Company president, Mario Costantini, designs each piece in the collection, and Jen continues – even today – to render each beautiful rustic furniture item completely by hand.

Truly, at Lune Collection, it all still begins with a drawing…


La Lune Collection Sketchbook Original Drawing Settee 1150

La Lune Collection Settee #1150 | Original Drawing

La Lune Collection Settee #1150

La Lune Collection Settee #1150



Dining Table #3089 | Original Drawing

Dining Table #3089 | Original Drawing

La Lune Collection Dining Table #3089

Dining Table #3089



And so, it is with much excitement that we now make available again – this time on our website – the La Lune Collection Designer Sketchbook. We invite you to click the sketchbook below, and browse the many beautifully hand-rendered illustrations, just as you might have done over 35 years ago!

thing one La Lune Collection Designers' Sketchbook



Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Choosing a Rustic Dining Table

dining tableThe question, “Who’s coming to dinner?” will invariably present another question: “What size table – and how many chairs – do we need?”

While the beauty of your dining table and chairs is of utmost importance, you’ll also want to ensure that your family and friends are comfortable when they sit down together to enjoy their meal. It’s important that your table is not only large enough to accommodate the number of diners you intend to seat, but is also a size that will leave adequate space for chairs, and for walking around the table itself.



Where to begin? Below are a few simple guidelines to consider while making your choice:

  • Plan a minimum of 24 inches for each place setting – if you have the room, 30 inches is ideal and much more comfortable.
  • Be sure that the chairs arms are low enough to slide beneath, and not bump into, the table.
  • Provide at least 24 inches of space behind each chair when someone is sitting in it. This is the minimum space needed for people to pass by when serving or leaving the table.

Finally, we’d naturally recommend browsing La Lune Collection’s comprehensive assortment of beautiful rustic dining tables in numerous styles, shapes, finishes, and sizes. Below are a few examples to get you started!

Seating for Four

Planning to entertain another couple for dinner? How about starting out with pre-dinner refreshments served at this distinctive cocktail table in a Natural finish – Table #3049 – surrounded by four Barstools #1298 with removable seat and back cushions.

La Lune Collection Table #3049 La Lune Collection Table #3049, Barstools #1298


Seating for Six:

A round table makes conversation easy for everyone seated, and Table #3093, shown here with an optional pine plank top, is a La Lune favorite! Its inspired rustic design features a delicate, precise branch “apron” and a gracefully organic base of free-form branches. Six Armchairs #1290 – with beautifully made removable seat and back cushions – complete this stylish dining arrangement.

La Lune Collection Table #3093La Lune Collection Table #3093, Chairs #1290






Seating for Eight:

Perfect for a small dinner party, this Trestle Table #3123 – customized here with an oval pine top – is a friendly centerpiece for entertaining, featuring a base with a striking diamond design in a Pecan finish on peeled bark. Arm Chairs #1402 and Side Chairs #1400, demonstrating their graceful and organic lines of nature, are beautiful accompaniments to this table.

La Lune Collection 3123 custom, pecan, med pine 400x250La Lune Collection Custom Table #3123, Chairs #1400 & #1402

Seating for Ten:

All ten players on the softball team are celebrating with a barbecue at your house! No problem – this magnificent Trestle Table #3123 was custom-crafted especially for outdoor use, featuring a cedar plank top to accommodate for moisture.   Arm Chairs #1206 & Side Chairs #1204 ensure that there is comfortable – and charming – seating for all.

La Lune Collection 3123 opt, natural, med 400x250La Lune Collection 3123 opt, 1204 opt, 1206 opt, natural, med 400x250

Seating for Twelve:

Assembling the entire family for holiday gatherings requires a generous table indeed. Custom Trestle Table #3494,  built with bold, exceptional craftsmanship, is perfect for lively get-togethers. Arm Chairs #1156 and Side Chairs #1154, done here in an Ebony finish, demonstrate rustic elegance at its absolute finest!

La Lune Collection 3494 custom, ebony, med 400x250La Lune Collection 3494 custom, 1154, 1156 ebony, med 400x250




Spotlight on a La Lune Collection Rustic Dining Chair

La Lune Collection features an extensive selection of rustic dining chairs, available in a diverse assortment of designs, sizes, finishes, and options. We are proud of all of our beautiful rustic dining chairs – however, if we admitted to any favorites, Side Chair #1400 and Arm Chair #1402 would be strong contenders for the honor.  And, it would appear that many interior designers around the country agree with us! We’re delighted to share here some of our favorite installations – from a few of our wonderfully talented design clients – all featuring these distinctive rustic dining chairs as their design centerpiece.

La Lune Collection Arm Chairs 1402




La Lune Collection Side Chair #1400 | Andrew Maier Interior DesignThis gorgeous dining area – framed with expansive “jewel box” windows – is designed by Andrew Maier Interiors in Locust Valley, NY.  What could be more inviting than a sunny breakfast gathering, seated in these chairs and mapping out plans for the day?













La Lune Collection Side Chair #1400The picture-perfect example of an outdoor rustic porch is brought to us by Kathryn Long of Ambiance Interiors, Asheville, NC. We can almost hear the crackle of the flames in the fireplace, that beckon us to pull up one of the chairs and bask in its warmth!













La Lune Collection Side Chair #1400Designer Shazalynn of SCW Interiors in Alexandria, VA has created a room that appears to be made just for entertaining.  This dining room features La Lune Collection side chairs in a beautiful Antique White finish, and Shazalynn has chosen to anchor the dining table with comfy arm chairs upholstered in a playful fauna motif.  We can think of no better spot for  welcoming guests to Thanksgiving, Easter, birthday, or Christmas celebrations.










La Lune Collection Side Chair #1400Laurie Waterhouse Interiors, in Jackson, WY  presents us with this cozy dining room, which we think is just perfect for rollicking family gatherings.  A warm, rust-hued woven rug adorned with ethnic patterns, and an impressive rustic light fixture overhead, partner with these chairs to create a welcoming rustic space.













La Lune Collection Side Chair #1400A spectacular skyline of soaring mountain ranges is the backdrop for this stunning outdoor room by Locati Architects, Bozeman, MT.  How fortunate are the lucky diners for whom this rustic table from La Lune Collection – with its La Lune side chairs – is so beautifully set!










These striking interior and exterior rooms are just a sampling of the inspired rustic living spaces created with charming dining chairs (and tables) from La Lune Collection –  check out the complete offering of La Lune Collection’s rustic dining chairs for more inspiration!