La Lune Collection – Furniture so Remarkable it’s in an Art Museum

We love receiving reviews from our cherished clients at La Lune – and boy, do we get a lot of them.  Our Houzz site alone boasts over 70 such tributes! One of our favorite reviews was written by a gratified customer in NYC:

“I think La Lune’s pedestal base made of poplar branches helped us create the most beautiful glass-top table this country has ever seen; the pieces belong in a modern art museum …. they are works of art. I even called La Lune to see if the artisan signed his name, but was told that there is a brass “La Lune” tag on the underside. These are pieces I expect to be in my family for generations.

I visualized the end result without ever seeing the completed objects until they arrived. La Lune convinced me of the beauty of the vision and I trusted them to realize it; it was better than I imagined.”

At the time the idea of La Lune in an art museum was an interesting one – at best – to us.  And now, several years later, that interesting thought has become reality – this month La Lune Collection is proud to be featured in the new exhibit “Handmade for Home, the Craft of Contemporary Design” at the Museum of Wisconsin Art. It’s a truly spectacular museum, an intriguing exhibit, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the honor!

Museum of Wisconsin Art, HGA Architects and Engineers





La Lune Collection founders Mario + Cathy Costantini at MOWA