Unique Custom Furniture Ideas? La Lune Collection Loves Them!

At La Lune Collection, we just LOVE when clients come to us with unique ideas for custom pieces.

For example, our very talented friends at Weiss & Wirth Interior Design, Glenwood Springs, CO, commissioned an extraordinary custom rustic bunk bed with bookshelves and storage drawers for their most precious of customers, the sweet Adrien and Esme.  This bed now resides  in their family’s “ultimate mountain hideaway” at Snowmass Valley.  (Be sure to check out Weiss & Wirth’s website for more photos of this beautiful retreat.)

We – and they – think the end result couldn’t be more perfect!

Check out this bunk bed’s progression, concept to completion.

custom rustic bunk bed

Custom Rustic Bunk Bed

Rustic Furniture – a History

exquisitely designed and crafted historic rustic furniture

Historic Rustic Furniture

La Lune Collection may be the most exquisitely designed and crafted rustic furniture made today, but rustic furniture itself has a long and fascinating history in the United States. In the mid 1800’s, a clamor for rustic furniture was created by magnificent Adirondack country retreats, or “camps” – the summer escapes for wealthy families such as the Vanderbilts, Morgans, and Roosevelts.

Rustic subsequently became so popular that it was commonplace to be photographed for formal portraits with a charming piece of rustic furniture, as with this dapper gentleman and young child perched on a rustic settee.

Check out some beautiful rustic settees made by the craftsmen of  La Lune Collection – we’ll bet there are some wonderful portraits being taken with them today!