La Lune Salutes the 2016 Color of the Year: Simply White!

The color gurus at Benjamin Moore recently revealed their pick for 2016 Color of the Year – announcing SIMPLY WHITE!

Benjamin Moore’s creative director Ellen O’Neill noted several observations about their choice – and about white in general – including the following:

  • “White is a perfect way to define a space in a beautiful and sophisticated way.”
  • “White doesn’t go in and out of style. It can be elevated to a design tool, especially when it’s texturized and layered with other whites.”
  • “Once you start to see the nuances of the color, the look is very elegant, very refined, very deliberate.”

At La Lune Collection we whole-heartedly salute this color pick. Our own wood finishes include a wealth of rich shades of white – and to get into the spirit of this ‘white inspiration’, we’re sharing a dozen of our beautiful rustic La Lune furniture pieces ‘wearing’ some of our magnificent white finishes, including Antique White, Whitewash, Navajo, Sandstone, Taupe, and more.


La Lune Collection Hutch w/Glass Doors #2066 Rustic Hutch with Glass Doors #2066 | Taupe Finish

With its welcoming traditional appeal and superb craftsmanship, this Hutch has the look and feel of furnishings from a bygone era. Our craftsmen proudly sustain the ancient tradition of hand-made rustic furniture, using the same methods and materials that were used by the early artisans.









La Lune Collection Upholstered Bed #4100Rustic Bed (King) #4100 | Whitewash Finish

With its clean, classic lines this beautiful upholstered bed is equally at home in traditional, rustic, and eclectic settings.  Masterfully upholstered by our craftsmen, it’s a perfect combination of style, strength, and comfort.







La Lune Collection Club Chair #1252Rustic Club Chair #1252 | Sandstone Finish

Simplicity truly is beautiful, as evidenced by the sturdy lines and uncomplicated comfort of this Armless Club Chair – the ideal seating solution for countless design applications.








La Lune Collection Mirror #5052 Rustic Mirror #5052 | Whitewash Finish

An elegant “sun burst” is created for this Mirror by La Lune’s furniture artisans, who painstakingly apply perfectly measured and matched “sun rays” – a breathtaking piece of artwork.







La Lune Collection Dining Table #3104 Rustic Dining Table #3104 | Whitewash Finish

This octagonal Dining Table is a La Lune favorite! Its inspired rustic design, created by our master craftsmen,  features a precise branch “apron” and a gracefully organic base of free-form branches.






La Lune Collection 6 Drawer Chest #2190Six Drawer Rustic Chest #2190 | Antique White Finish

Our expert craftsmen have tended to every detail in the construction of this finely crafted chest, carefully cutting and applying by hand the branches that make up its handsome design.







La Lune Collection Bunk Bed #4254 Rustic Bunk Bed #4254 | Antique White Finish

A striking pattern of angled branches creates the outstanding design feature of this handsome Bunk Bed. Meticulous construction, kiln drying, special joints and finishes, and attention to every detail ensure its enduring strength and beauty.









La Lune Collection Armoire #2006 Armoire #2006 | Navajo Finish

Branches are meticulously cut and positioned by hand by our skilled artisans to create each individual pattern on this handsome Armoire – finely crafted, interior and exterior.











La Lune Collectin Arm Chairs #1042 Rustic Arm Chairs #1042 | Antique White Finish

This Chair’s rustic simplicity makes it a most versatile decorating piece, an appealing combination of sturdiness and elegance.








La Lune Collection Buffet #2536 Rustic Buffet #2536 | Sandstone Finish

This finely crafted Buffet is a beautiful place to store the finest dishes and stemware, and provides, as well, the perfect space for entertaining.







La Lune Collection Canopy Bed #4090 Rustic Canopy Bed #4090 | Antique White Finish

Elegant and stately, this Canopy Bed lends a sense of drama to any decorating style – a stunning addition to traditional, contemporary, transitional AND rustic bedrooms.










Rustic Dining Table #3121 and Rustic Side Chairs #1400 | Sandstone Finish

With plenty of room for all, this Trestle Table features a base with a striking diamond design, and is beautifully accompanied by Side Chairs that exhibit the graceful and organic lines of nature. All pieces are carefully constructed by hand using the same simple tools and techniques employed by furniture craftsman for several centuries.

La Lune Collection Table #3121, Side Chairs #1400