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La Lune Style: Rustic, Traditional, Eclectic, Transitional?

Imagine we’re designing a living room around a La Lune Collection club chair – how would we describe the style of this room?  One would be tempted to identify it as “rustic”,  but truthfully, doing so would limit the realm of design possibilities.  Interior designers across the country have brilliantly implemented La Lune Collection furniture… Read more »

Rustic Patio Style: Part Deux

La Lune Collection has served as the stylistic centerpiece for hundreds of rustic porches – all across the United States – for several decades.  We confess that we have our own favorites, and jump at the chance to share them with our followers and fans whenever possible. We love this charming outdoors setting from our friends at Fern Hill Design… Read more »

Choosing a Rustic Dining Chair

After you’ve picked just the right dining table, how will you decide which rustic dining chairs will be the perfect accompaniments to it?  Certainly there are even more chair choices available than tables, and finding the right match for your table and your lifestyle is an important decision. Side Chairs or Arm Chairs? Although customary… Read more »

Rustic Wedding, La Lune Style!

Here comes the bride! We’re delighted to share this beautiful wedding shot from the enchanting resort, Whiteface Lodge, located in scenic Lake Placid, New York. Interest in rustic wedding style is at an all-time high, and this photo demonstrates rustic wedding perfection, right down to the La Lune Collection chairs. To find out more about… Read more »

Patio Style: The Rustic Retreat

What’s your patio style? According to a recent article in Good Housekeeping Magazine, it would be a good idea to include some La Lune Collection rustic chairs. Featuring our #1400 Side Chair and #1402 Arm Chair, the article explains how La Lune Collection favorite designer, Kathryn Long of Ambiance Interiors in Asheville, N.C.,  “embraces the… Read more »