Rustic Dining Room – The Table!

If you want to spend your mealtimes with friends and family in an environment that imparts an organic ambiance, or if you’d like to bring a bit of nature’s outdoor splendor in to your home, then a rustic dining room is most likely what you’ll want to create.

Rustic interior design is all about nature – it’s primarily about the use of warm woods and natural fabrics, and is full of texture and depth. And, as the rustic dining table will be the centerpiece of your rustic dining room, you’ll want to select just the right one with careful thought given to its design and functionality.

One of the more versatile rustic dining tables in La Lune Collection is the Dining Table #3119, customized with leaves. This beauty handily accommodates an intimate dinner for two, and just as easily seats a boisterous family gathering of ten, simply by adding or subtracting its custom-built leaves.

The first step in what we like to call “the evolution of a dining table”  – can you picture a relaxed breakfast for two at this table on a sunny autumn morning?


Rustic Dining Table #3119, without leaves


Add a leaf or two…


Rustic Dining Table #3119, adding leaves


…and voilà, ready for the lunch crowd!


Rustic Dining Table #3119, with leaves


Finally, the definitive step of this table evolution – an expansive dining presentation, handsomely arranged with ten La Lune Collection Side Chairs #1164 and Arm Chairs #1166. So, go ahead and set the table, place the centerpiece, and let the joyous dinner guests arrive!

Visit the dining table selection featured on our La Lune Collection website, to find an extensive assortment of finely crafted, elegant rustic tables, all hand-crafted in Wisconsin in our small pristine workshop with the utmost attention to detail and artistry.


Rustic Dining Table #3119, Rustic Side Chairs #1164 & Arm Chairs #1166 by La Lune Collection