Rustic Reflections – Decorating with Rustic Mirrors

In creating dramatic interiors, choosing how to dress up your walls is critical to establishing the correct atmosphere for the entire room. And, when specifically designing a striking rustic interior, choosing the right rustic mirror can make all the difference!

La Lune Collection Mirror #5020, 3-Drawer Chest #2136

La Lune Collection Mirror #5020, 3-Drawer Chest #2136

Mirrors definitely bring light and depth into rooms – we like to think of them as decorative windows that can be moved around, functioning as virtual “views” wherever they are placed. A bold mirror actually functions as the focal point of a room – it can itself become the space’s artwork, setting the mood for the entire room. Large mirrors in particular brighten any space, creating luminosity and dimension, and visually expanding an area.

La Lune Collection Mirror #5018, which boasts a grand rectangular frame that features finely crafted decorative branch-work, makes a bold rustic statement when paired with a Three-Drawer Chest #2136 showcasing a white birch background. We can also imagine this mirror placed horizontally in a dining room, reflecting candle glow as well as guests’ faces, and setting the tone for a lively dinner.

Another “statement mirror” to consider is La Lune Collection Mirror #5052, which showcases a beautiful sunburst pattern (pictured below).  This mirror is a true piece of artwork, and would be a perfect choice to place above a rustic mantelpiece for maximum rustic impact.

For additional mirror ideas visit La Lune Collection’s website, which features a selection of mirrors in various designs, sizes, and shapes. And, did you know that mirrors are also available from La Lune in custom dimensions, designs, finishes, and options, including mirrors to your own design? Just let us know what you have in mind and we’d be more than delighted to talk to you about your ideas!


La Lune Collection “Sunburst” Mirror #5052