Rustic Furniture – or Not?

La Lune Collection has gained a reputation for creating the finest designer rustic furniture available, sustaining the ancient tradition of hand-made rustic furniture, using the same methods and materials that were used by the early artisans. But in reality, La Lune Collection blurs the line between rustic furniture, and furniture that is something else quite different from rustic.

All furniture pieces in the La Lune line are so finely crafted, with such keen attention given to their every design and construction detail that the word ‘rustic’ somehow seems a woefully restrictive adjective to use in describing them. Indeed, interior designers have understood this concept for years and have used La Lune Collection pieces both to accent and to anchor room installations that span a variety of different décor styles: contemporary, eclectic, modern, traditional, transitional, craftsman, mid-century, industrial, AND rustic.

La Lune Collection Twin Bed #4204 illustrates this idea perfectly. This sophisticated bed could easily be used in many different décors. With its elegant lines and superbly detailed headboard, footboard, and bedposts, one can identify influences of Colonial, Chippendale, and Arts & Crafts styling in this handsome piece, all the while acknowledging its solid rustic sensibility. Check out La Lune Collection’s variety of beds – and other furniture in the collection – to see what design styles you can identify!

4204 Bed La Lune Collection Rustic Furniture