Rustic Bedroom Style: The Canopy Bed

In Medieval times, the noble inhabitants of castles and manor houses dealt with some serious challenges – for example, sometimes there was nothing to stop things from falling into the house!  This posed a real problem when bugs and other nasty things would drop on a noble in the middle of the night, really ruining a good night’s sleep. The answer? A bed with big posts and a sheet draped over the top, and voilà, the Canopy Bed was born.

Although the Canopy Bed was originally created to provide shelter, warmth, and privacy, today it will still do all of those things, PLUS it will make a rustic bedroom design statement that is truly unparalleled.

rustic canopy bed in a Billy Beson Ski Resort Bedroom

Billy Beson Ski Resort Bedroom, La Lune Collection Rustic Canopy Bed #4282

A rustic Canopy Bed creates a magical – even majestic – presence in a bedroom without being ostentatious. And, we particularly like canopy beds without the canopy, as shown in this stunning bedroom design by interior designer Billy Beson of Minneapolis. He has dramatically paired a soft chocolate-brown leather loveseat next to La Lune Collection Rustic Canopy Bed #4282 to create a magnificent bedroom in this amazing Bachelor’s Gulch chalet, perched atop Beaver Creek, Colorado – simply gorgeous.