Where to put the King’s Robe? Majestic Rustic Armoires by La Lune Collection.

There’s no question that the armoire– a tall, freestanding cabinet with doors, drawers, shelves and room for hanging clothes – is an imposing piece of furniture.  Indeed, stemming from the Latin word “armorium” which means literally “a chest for storing armor”, the armoire’s original function was for storing armor and weapons. Eventually the armoire was elevated to become the designated safekeeping place for the king’s robe. In particular, armoires designed by André-Charles Boulle – the cabinetmaker to Louis XIV in the late 17th century – are historically recognized for their exquisite beauty.

Today, La Lune Collection armoires  are recognized for their exquisite beauty and superb craftsmanship. Consider this sampling from La Lune’s armoire collection – we think you’ll agree they’re perfect for the king’s robe, as well as your own!

Rustic Armoire #2006

Locally sourced poplar and willow branches are meticulously cut and positioned by hand by La Lune Collection’s skilled artisans to create each individual pattern on this handsome Armoire. 

La Lune Collection Armoire #2006



Rustic Armoire #2024

This beautifully proportioned Armoire , shown here in Sage finish, is a striking addition to any living room, dining room, or bedroom.

La Lune Collection 2024 sage 460W



Rustic Armoire #2046

A beautiful pattern of repeating geometric designs – hand applied by our furniture artisans – set this extraordinary Armoire apart from its peers. Our craftsmen proudly sustain the ancient tradition of hand-made rustic furniture, using the same methods and materials that were used by the earliest artisans.

La Lune Collection Armoire #2046


Rustic Armoire #2029

Tall and sleek, the mirrored door on this Armoire in an Ebony finish adds light – and a feeling of lightness  -to any room. The addition of a roomy bottom drawer adds bonus storage space.

Rustic Armoire 32029 by La Lune Collection


Rustic Armoire #2064

Featuring a gently curved top and beautiful inlaid branch design, this Armoire – shown here in the striking Redwood finish – has the look and feel of furnishings from a bygone era.  As with all La Lune Collection pieces, it is bench-made in our pristine Wisconsin workshop of locally harvested willow and poplar woods using sustainable, efficient, and eco-friendly manufacturing methods.

Rustic Armoire #2064 by La Lune Collection