La Lune Porch Style: The Rustic Retreat

Whenever we come across an image of a beautiful patio or porch – or any space for that matter – showcasing La Lune Collection furniture we can’t wait to share it with the world!  And so, we are thrilled to reveal here a breathtaking porch overlooking the North Carolina mountain range that recently came to our attention.

This amazing installation, named the Mountain Air Family Lodge, comes to us courtesy of the very talented Kathryn Long, ASID in Asheville, NC and Platt Architecture, PA, in Brevard, NC.

Perched beside a lush, verdant mountain vista, this porch is a perfect place for family gatherings. It’s easy to imagine starting the day with breakfast at this table, seated on the charming La Lune Collection chairs. Designer Kathryn chose the creamy, warm “Navajo” premium finish for these Side Chairs #1154, and opted for removable seat cushions, for easy maintenance, in a cheery red plaid fabric.

La Lune Collection Rustic Side Chairs #1154

Mountain Air Family Lodge, North Carolina

If beginning the day with breakfast overlooking the mountains seems divine, then how about ending the day with the same view? Dusk couldn’t be lovelier, when rocking into the evening on these comfortable La Lune rocking chairs nestled around a rustic round fire pit. These particular Rocking Chairs #1190 feature a “Wheat” premium finish on peeled bark, which along with the removable seat cushions makes them ideal for use completely outdoors.

La Lune Collectin Rustic Rockers #1190

Mountain Air Family Lodge at Dusk

Do these delicious images have you interested in getting the look?  If so, we’d recommend that you start by visiting and viewing the extensive La Lune Collection seating section –  which includes the handsome chairs featured in this North Carolina porch installation, Rocking Chair #1190 and Side Chair #1154 – as well as many, many more!

Rustic Rocking Chair #1190 by La Lune Collection

La Lune Collection Rocking Chair #1190

Rustic Side Chair #1154 by La Lune Collection

La Lune Collection Side Chair #1154