5 Great Reasons to Put Your Feet Up … Beautiful Chaises by La Lune Collection

There’s almost no piece of furniture that conjures up thoughts of relaxation like the chaise lounge does. Derived from the French term “chaise longue”, meaning quite literally “long chair,” a chaise is an upholstered seat for one, and its sole purpose is for reclining and relaxing.

The chaise lounge’s origins can be traced to ancient civilizations around the world,  in places such as Egypt, Greece, Rome, Mexico, and China. In these early societies, chairs and chaises were reserved for royalty and those in authority, while the “common people” for the most part sat on benches or stools. The chaise lounge was popularized with the general public in France in the 1600’s, and five hundred years later, La Lune Collection proudly presents our own selection of beautiful chaises for all living spaces, indoors and outdoors.

La Lune Collection Chaise #1181

1. Rustic Chaise #1181

The striking “diamond back” motif is a stand-out design element on this chaise – its combination of beauty and comfort make it the perfect spot for relaxing, lounging, and reading.






La Lune Collection Chaise #10242. Rustic Chaise #1024

This chaise design demonstrates classic rustic charm at its finest – a comfortable cushion and throw pillow ensure its unmatched relaxation and style!








La Lune Collection Chaise #11823. Rustic Chaise #1182

A genuinely comfortable lounging spot, this chaise is also a classically beautiful piece of furniture – marvelously constructed by hand, using the same simple tools and techniques employed by furniture craftsman for several centuries.







La Lune Collection Chaise #10364. Rustic Chaise #1036

The masterfully tufted upholstery on this chaise defines its ultra-comfortable, yet sophisticated, appeal.







La Lune Collection Chaise #12505. Rustic Chaise #1250

With its strong, sturdy, and classic lines, this chaise is equally at home in transitional, rustic, and eclectic settings.