Grab a Seat at the Bar: A Look at La Lune Collection’s Counter Stools and Bar Stools

Counter stools and bar stools are versatile seating options that can add character, color and texture to kitchen and bar designs — or simply offer a comfortable place to sit. Choosing a bar stool or counter stool that fits your design and space is extremely important as these seats will serve as a focal point in the room, and since they’ll get lots of use their comfort is imperative. La Lune Collection boasts a large and beautiful selection of unique, rustic bar stools and counter stools – take a closer look below at just a few of these beauties.


La Lune Collection Barstool #1298, Table #3049



La Lune Collection Counter Stool #1390 / Ebony


Rustic Counter Stool #1390

in Ebony Finish

Graceful, organic lines of nature are exquisitely featured on the back of this Counter Stool. The seat and back are masterfully upholstered by La Lune’s exceptional craftsmen, achieving the perfect combination of style, strength, and comfort.






La Lune Collection Barstool #1138Rustic Bar Stool #1138

in Natural Finish

Substantial and striking – this Bar Stool is the perfect combination of strength and beauty.  A favorite in the restaurant and hotel world, it has proven to stand up to even the most rigorous wear, all the while maintaining its good looks and classic rustic appeal.







La Lune Collection Barstool #1384, #1386Rustic Bar Stool #1384

in Ebony Finish

La Lune Collection’s  expert artisans carefully weave top quality leather on the back of this Bar Stool to create a masterpiece of craftsmanship and comfort.






La Lune Collection Counter Stool #1142, Barstool #1144



Rustic Counter Stool #1142 – Bar Stool #1146 in Natural Finish

Here is La Lune’s rustic update on the classic square-seat Counter Stool and Bar Stool – strong, stylish, convenient – and so perfectly suited to fit any space and interior design style.





La Lune Collection Barstool #1124, #1122 Rustic Bar Stool #1122 – #1124

in Natural Finish

The backs of these Bar Stools feature an attractive “fan” design, which complements many interior design styles.