All Good Dogs Deserve Good (La Lune) Beds

Since 1978, La Lune Collection has been making fabulous beds for some of the most notable humans in the country, such as Ralph Lauren, Oprah, and Disney.  At La Lune, we think that good dogs also deserve good beds! Our collection of adorable dog beds is the most comfortable, most natural, most durable, most attractive, and most eco-friendly dog beds possible.  If we were dogs, we’re absolutely certain that these are the beds we would choose for napping!


La Lune Collection Dodg Bed #5110Rustic Dog Canopy Bed #5110

Any sweet pooch would sleep soundly in this charming Dog Canopy Bed #5110, which is carefully handcrafted of poplar, a fast-growing, environmentally secure wood. La Lune uses only non-pollutant, nonflammable, non-toxic, water base finishes, making our dog beds the most eco-friendly possible.








La Lune Collection 5134 natural 600Rustic Dog Bunk Bed #5134

When two dog friends want to rest together, Dog Bunk Bed #5134 is the natural choice to accommodate their wishes!









La Lune Collection Dog Bed #5102

Rustic Dog Daybed #5102

Featuring a gently curved back and comfortable mattress and throw pillows, the stylish Dog Daybed #5102 has Bella the Pug sitting pretty!







La Lune Collection Dog Bed #5162Rustic Dog Daybed #5162

The classically beautiful Dog Daybed #5162 is carefully handcrafted of poplar, and as with all of La Lune dog beds, includes a handsewn mattress and pillows with removable zippered covers for easy washing.







La Lune Collection Dog Bed #5120 Rustic Dog Cabana Bed #5120

The weather is always beautiful for any precious pup lucky enough to relax in the beautiful Dog Cabana Bed #5120!










La Lune Collection Dog Chaise #5146 Rustic Dog Chaise #5146

It’s common knowledge that a chaise is intended for relaxing – and no knows this better than Rocky the Mastiff, who is clearly enjoying a nap on his own Dog Chaise #5146.