An Iconic Rustic Table Design

La Lune Collection Rustic Dining Table #3089

La Lune Collection Rustic Dining Table #3089

What makes a design iconic?  After a bit of research on the subject we discovered that there are several qualities which define iconic design, including the following: a design that is aesthetically pleasing, a design that is innovative, a design that stays in the memory of those who see/use it, and a design that inspires other designers.

Using these criteria as a benchmark, La Lune Collection can rightly stake claim to several iconic rustic furniture designs. One of the most popular is the beautiful – and yes, iconic – free-form table base that can be found in several La Lune Collection rustic dining tables, coffee tables, end tables, and side tables.

In this table design the finished product is actually dictated by the natural curves, twists, and bends of the branches used to create it. In the first step of the artistic process the La Lune Collection furniture artisan travels the rivers and forests of Wisconsin carefully choosing individual  limbs and branches for their size, shape, and other qualities. After returning to the workshop he then selects and meticulously arranges and “weaves” the branches, much as one would do to create a floral display. The completed table is a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece of artwork, as with Rustic Dining Table #3089 pictured here, since absolutely no two tables are identical.

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