Rustic Patio Style: Part Deux

La Lune Collection has served as the stylistic centerpiece for hundreds of rustic porches – all across the United States – for several decades.  We confess that we have our own favorites, and jump at the chance to share them with our followers and fans whenever possible.

We love this charming outdoors setting from our friends at Fern Hill Design in Stevenson, Maryland. Can’t you just imagine lounging in this gorgeous covered rustic porch with friends and family, sipping on some lemonade (or wine), swaying on the porch swing with your face caressed by the gentle New England breezes?  Indeed – so can we!

Take a closer look at these La Lune pieces that Fern Hill Design has utilized so artfully: Rustic Club Chair #1230, Rustic Ottoman #1243, Rustic Porch Swing #1233, and Rustic Coffee Table #3373.

rustic porch by Fern Hill Designs

Rustic Patio by Fern Hill Design, Stevenson, MD

Choosing a Rustic Dining Chair


SCW Interiors Dining Room, La Lune Collection #1400 Side Chair


After you’ve picked just the right dining table, how will you decide which rustic dining chairs will be the perfect accompaniments to it?  Certainly there are even more chair choices available than tables, and finding the right match for your table and your lifestyle is an important decision.

Side Chairs or Arm Chairs? Although customary to place arm chairs at the head of the table and side chairs on the sides, depending on your space -visually or actual – it’s really quite acceptable to use all side chairs or all arm chairs at your table.

Another consideration is whether to opt for “open” back or upholstered back chairs. Whereas a smaller space might recommend itself to a more delicate, open style chair, a large space would welcome larger, more defined shapes. And, mixing upholstered-back and open-back rustic chairs creates design interest at your dining table – why not use two upholstered-back chairs anchoring the ends of the table with open-back chairs lining the sides?

La Lune Collection offers a wide range of dining chairs for every rustic dining setting imaginable.  One of our favorite dining rooms, shown here from SCW Interiors, beautifully uses La Lune Collection Side Chairs #1400 and was showcased recently in Traditional Home Magazine.

Rustic Wedding, La Lune Style!

Here comes the bride!

We’re delighted to share this beautiful wedding shot from the enchanting resort, Whiteface Lodge, located in scenic Lake Placid, New York. Interest in rustic wedding style is at an all-time high, and this photo demonstrates rustic wedding perfection, right down to the La Lune Collection chairs.

To find out more about these very chairs, and others, check out the complete La Lune Collection SEATING section.

la lune wedding

Rustic La Lune Wedding, Lake Placid, NY

Patio Style: The Rustic Retreat

What’s your patio style?

According to a recent article in Good Housekeeping Magazine, it would be a good idea to include some La Lune Collection rustic chairs.

Featuring our #1400 Side Chair and #1402 Arm Chair, the article explains how La Lune Collection favorite designer, Kathryn Long of Ambiance Interiors in Asheville, N.C.,  “embraces the spirit of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains with this screened-in porch. She calls on natural elements to play up the surroundings, creating an enchanting look for anyone who loves the outdoors.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Ambiance Intrs

Rustic Patio Style – La Lune Collection Side Chair #1400

Unique Custom Furniture Ideas? La Lune Collection Loves Them!

At La Lune Collection, we just LOVE when clients come to us with unique ideas for custom pieces.

For example, our very talented friends at Weiss & Wirth Interior Design, Glenwood Springs, CO, commissioned an extraordinary custom rustic bunk bed with bookshelves and storage drawers for their most precious of customers, the sweet Adrien and Esme.  This bed now resides  in their family’s “ultimate mountain hideaway” at Snowmass Valley.  (Be sure to check out Weiss & Wirth’s website for more photos of this beautiful retreat.)

We – and they – think the end result couldn’t be more perfect!

Check out this bunk bed’s progression, concept to completion.

custom rustic bunk bed

Custom Rustic Bunk Bed

Rustic Furniture – a History

exquisitely designed and crafted historic rustic furniture

Historic Rustic Furniture

La Lune Collection may be the most exquisitely designed and crafted rustic furniture made today, but rustic furniture itself has a long and fascinating history in the United States. In the mid 1800’s, a clamor for rustic furniture was created by magnificent Adirondack country retreats, or “camps” – the summer escapes for wealthy families such as the Vanderbilts, Morgans, and Roosevelts.

Rustic subsequently became so popular that it was commonplace to be photographed for formal portraits with a charming piece of rustic furniture, as with this dapper gentleman and young child perched on a rustic settee.

Check out some beautiful rustic settees made by the craftsmen of  La Lune Collection – we’ll bet there are some wonderful portraits being taken with them today!