All Good Dogs Deserve Good (La Lune) Beds

Since 1978, La Lune Collection has been making fabulous beds for some of the most notable humans in the country, such as Ralph Lauren, Oprah, and Disney.  At La Lune, we think that good dogs also deserve good beds! Our collection of adorable dog beds is the most comfortable, most natural, most durable, most attractive, and most eco-friendly dog beds possible.  If we were dogs, we’re absolutely certain that these are the beds we would choose for napping!


La Lune Collection Dodg Bed #5110Dog Canopy Bed #5110

Any sweet pooch would sleep soundly in this charming Dog Canopy Bed #5110, which is carefully handcrafted of poplar, a fast-growing, environmentally secure wood. La Lune uses only non-pollutant, nonflammable, non-toxic, water base finishes, making our dog beds the most eco-friendly possible.








La Lune Collection 5134 natural 600Dog Bunk Bed #5134

When two dog friends want to rest together, Dog Bunk Bed #5134 is the natural choice to accommodate their wishes!









La Lune Collection Dog Bed #5102

Dog Daybed #5102

Featuring a gently curved back and comfortable mattress and throw pillows, the stylish Dog Daybed #5102 has Bella the Pug sitting pretty!







La Lune Collection Dog Bed #5162Dog Daybed #5162

The classically beautiful Dog Daybed #5162 is carefully handcrafted of poplar, and as with all of La Lune dog beds, includes a handsewn mattress and pillows with removable zippered covers for easy washing.







La Lune Collection Dog Bed #5120 Dog Cabana Bed #5120

The weather is always beautiful for any precious pup lucky enough to relax in the beautiful Dog Cabana Bed #5120!










La Lune Collection Dog Chaise #5146 Dog Chaise #5146

It’s common knowledge that a chaise is intended for relaxing – and no knows this better than Rocky the Mastiff, who is clearly enjoying a nap on his own Dog Chaise #5146.








5 Great Reasons to Put Your Feet Up … Beautiful Chaises by La Lune Collection

There’s almost no piece of furniture that conjures up thoughts of relaxation like the chaise lounge does. Derived from the French term “chaise longue”, meaning quite literally “long chair,” a chaise is an upholstered seat for one, and its sole purpose is for reclining and relaxing.

The chaise lounge’s origins can be traced to ancient civilizations around the world,  in places such as Egypt, Greece, Rome, Mexico, and China. In these early societies, chairs and chaises were reserved for royalty and those in authority, while the “common people” for the most part sat on benches or stools. The chaise lounge was popularized with the general public in France in the 1600’s, and five hundred years later, La Lune Collection proudly presents our own selection of beautiful chaises for all living spaces, indoors and outdoors.

La Lune Collection Chaise #1181

1. Chaise #1181

The striking “diamond back” motif is a stand-out design element on this chaise – its combination of beauty and comfort make it the perfect spot for relaxing, lounging, and reading.






La Lune Collection Chaise #10242. Chaise #1024

This chaise design demonstrates classic rustic charm at its finest – a comfortable cushion and throw pillow ensure its unmatched relaxation and style!








La Lune Collection Chaise #11823. Chaise #1182

A genuinely comfortable lounging spot, this chaise is also a classically beautiful piece of furniture – marvelously constructed by hand, using the same simple tools and techniques employed by furniture craftsman for several centuries.







La Lune Collection Chaise #10364. Chaise #1036

The masterfully tufted upholstery on this chaise defines its ultra-comfortable, yet sophisticated, appeal.







La Lune Collection Chaise #12505. Chaise #1250

With its strong, sturdy, and classic lines, this chaise is equally at home in transitional, rustic, and eclectic settings.







La Lune Collection ♥ Houzz!

We are big fans of Houzz – the online platform for home remodeling and design inspiration – at La Lune Collection.

Houzz describes itself as “a community of more than 20 million homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals—across the country and around the world”.  La Lune is happy to be a member of this vibrant community of “Houzzers”, as are many of our amazing design clients. In fact, as of this writing, La Lune Collection’s beautiful rustic furniture is featured in over 100 spectacular design installation photographs on Houzz.

Truth be told, we would share all of these awe-inspiring residences if space permitted – instead we have opted to showcase just a few here, and encourage a more leisurely look at our complete ideabook, “La Lune Installations on Houzz”, to see more beautiful room designs. Enjoy!

1. Locati Architects, Bozeman, MT

Job’s Peak Ranch Residence, located in Gardnerville, NV

La Lune Collection furniture pictured: Sofa #1170, Console Table #3268, Club Chair #1174, Coffee Table #3252, Rocking Chairs #1189

La Lune Collection Furnishings - Design by Locati Architects


2. Axial Arts Architecture, Steamboat Springs, CO

Meadow Cabin, located in Grand County, CO

La Lune Collection furniture pictured: Club Chair #1006 & Ottoman #1010

La Lune Collection Furnishings - Design by Axial Arts Architecture


 3. Elizabeth Robb Interiors, Bozeman, MT

Bozeman Retreat, located in Bozeman, MT

La Lune Collection furniture pictured: Club Chairs #1174, Table #3368, Chaises #1182

La Lune Collection Furnishings - Design by Elizabeth Robb


4. Miller Architects, Livingston, MT

Great Point Lodge @ Gallatin Mountains, located in Livingston, MT

La Lune Collection furniture pictured: Sofa #1016, Coffee Table #3228, Club Chairs #1020 & Ottoman #1010, Dining Table #3089, Dining Chairs #1040

La Lune Collection Furnishings - Design by Miller Architects


5. Johnson Architecture, Knoxville, TN

Mountain Cabin, located in Tennessee

La Lune Collection furniture pictured: Side Chairs #1208, Sofa #1170, Rocking Chair #1190, Dining Table #Dining Table #3112

La Lune Collection Furnishings - Design by Johnson Architecture



6. Kathryn Long, ASID, Asheville, NC

Residence located in Lake Toxaway, NC

La Lune Collection furniture pictured: Side Chairs #1400

La Lune Collection Furnishings - Design by Kathryn Long, ASID





Come Clubbing with us at La Lune Collection!

When there’s talk of “clubbing” at La Lune Collection, what we’re really referring to is our large – and beautiful – collection of rustic club chairs.

It’s well known that club chairs are substantial armchairs designed for maximum comfort and style. The origin of the chair’s term “club”, however, is less clear. The best explanation we’ve found is that it hearkens back to the large, comfy chairs found in gentlemen’s clubs – members-only private clubs catering to aristocratic British men – that became popular in the mid 1800’s.

But, whatever the club chair’s history may be, there’s no question that La Lune Collection’s rustic club chairs are wonderfully – and handsomely – comfortable in today’s homes. Take a look at just a few examples and see if you agree!

La Lune Collection Club Chair #1167 & Ottoman #1173 Club Chair #1167 & Ottoman #1173

With graceful and classic lines, this Club Chair and Ottoman are equally at home today in traditional, contemporary, and eclectic settings. Each piece is created by hand, using the same simple tools and techniques employed by furniture craftsman for several centuries.





La Lune Collection Club Chair #1175 & Ottoman #1173 Club Chair #1175 & Ottoman #1173

The striking “diamond back” design on this Club Chair is truly a stand-out design element, which makes it a perfect centerpiece OR accent piece and notable for both its comfort and beauty.






La Lune Collection  Club Chair #1270 Club Chair #1270

A wrap-around spindle treatment creates design interest on this roomy, comfortable Chair, which is a classic example of sturdy, rustic elegance at its best.







La Lune Collection Club Chair #1006 & Ottoman #1010 Club Chair #1006 & Ottoman #1010

Inspired by classic rustic furniture designs of the past, this Club Chair and Ottoman are equally at home today in traditional, contemporary, and eclectic settings.







La Lune Collection Club Chair #1261 & Ottoman #1263 Club Chair #1261 and Ottoman #1263

La Lune Collection’s fine wood craftsmen have meticulously created hand-notched designs on this Club Chair and Ottoman – their artistry is truly unrivaled, and the result is a perfect combination of style, strength, and comfort.






La Lune Collection Club Chair #1276 & Ottoman #1277 Club Chair #1276 & Ottoman #1277

Looking to make a really bold, rustic design statement? This sturdy, ultra-comfortable Chair and Ottoman are just the right pieces to make it happen!







Meet La Lune Collection – Introducing the People “Behind the Moon”

Storied basketball coach, Phil Jackson, once wrote “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” At La Lune Collection we believe these words capture the spirit of our own team. La Lune is known in the design industry for our high standards of design and production quality, as well as our unparalleled customer service, and we credit our excellent team for our reputation. We’re proud and happy to introduce here our wonderful La Lune Collection team.

Cathy & Mario Costantini, La Lune Collection









Meet Cathy and Mario, Co-founders & Principals

Cathy and Mario met in college, and shortly after graduation married and started their namesake  interior design firm in downtown Milwaukee over 35 years ago. Mario subsequently designed a few pieces of rustic furniture for a restaurant project, and the rest is La Lune Collection history!

An interesting fact about Mario: Born and raised in Argentina, Mario is a soccer enthusiast and has played and coached at all levels for over 40 years –  he played for Marquette University as a college student, and later coached teams from  toddlers to varsity high school players.

An interesting fact about Cathy: Cathy is an avid opera fan, and has served for many years on the Florentine Opera Company board of directors. (The Florentine Opera also maintains its opera center, administrative offices, and studio artist residences in La Lune Collection buildings.)


Cindy square 275







Meet Cindy, Sales Manager

Cindy came to La Lune 28 years ago and is our resident order “guru” – taking and processing orders, expertly handling customer service and status inquiries, scheduling shipments – really “shepherding” La Lune  orders from beginning to finish.

An interesting fact about Cindy: Cindy is a true dog lover – for the past several years she has moderated on online forum for dog owners dealing with pets whose lives have been affected by Cushing’s disease.


Toty 380 square








Meet Toty, Production Manager

Toty has been overseeing every detail of production – ensuring that La Lune orders are constructed perfectly and shipped on time – for over 26 years.

An interesting fact about Toty: A world class jazz guitarist, Toty is leader of the Latin jazz band, La Chazz, a group comprised of some of the finest Latin jazz musicians in Milwaukee.


Jen, La Lune Collection Design Director










 Meet Jen, Design Director

Jen is a genuine artist, and is behind most of the beautiful furniture pencil drawings that were the genesis of the first La Lune Collection catalog. She manages daily design-related responsibilities which include drawing – by hand – all custom order illustrations.

An interesting fact about Jen: Jen spent a portion of her childhood growing up in Nigeria, and continues to feel a solid connection to that part of the world.


Chloe, La Lune Collection Design Associate









Meet Chloe, Design Associate

Chloe is the newest member of the team, and comes to La Lune Collection straight from the darkrooms and classrooms of the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.  At La Lune Chloe is the official in-house photographer and supports all design-related work in the company.

An interesting fact about Chloe: Chloe recently spent a year studying and traveling in Ireland, and has developed a deep love of the country’s beautiful landscape, culture, and people.


La Lune Collection Craftsmen

Meet our La Lune Craftsmen

We couldn’t be more proud of our amazing craftsmen! Each piece of La Lune Collection furniture is carefully crafted by hand in our Wisconsin facility by some of the most skilled furniture artisans in the country, including carpenters, finishers, upholsterers, seamstresses, and cabinetmakers.



Seven Reasons to Covet a (Rustic) Coffee Table

In the seating areas of today’s home – be they living rooms, family rooms, or dens – coffee tables have become a must-have staple. A coffee table is a place to arrange books and magazines, display accessories, and of course, set down your coffee cup. Because of its central placement it easily becomes a focal point in any room, so choosing just the right coffee table is an important design decision.

Here are a few things to consider when making a coffee table choice:

  • Rectangular or oval coffee tables work well for smaller rooms.
  • Square or round coffee tables are great for larger seating configurations, such as large sectionals or a large sofa and love seat.
  • For optimal scale, consider a coffee table that is no larger than two-thirds your sofa’s or loveseat’s total length.
  • Finally – and most importantly – choose a coffee table design that really “speaks” to you.

Need some inspiration to help you choose a coffee table that’s just right for your seating area? Below are seven beautiful rustic coffee tables from La Lune Collection that will get you off to an excellent start!

 1. Square Coffee Table with Willow Top #3250

Skilled artisans meticulously cut and apply branches by hand to create the beautiful geometric pattern on this table. La Lune’s craftsmen travel the rivers and forests of Wisconsin, carefully selecting and harvesting the woods to construct each piece in the collection.La Lune Collection Coffee Table #3250




2.  Round Coffee Table with Pine Top #3417

This table’s inspired rustic design is created by La Lune’s own master craftsmen, featuring a unique branch “apron” and an artistically organic base of free-form branches.

La Lune Collection Coffee Table #3417



3. Square Coffee Table with Willow Top #3326

La Lune Collection’s furniture artisans spend numerous hours painstakingly fashioning the intricate branchwork designs on this coffee table, making it a true work-of-art.

La Lune Collection Coffee Table #3326




4.  Square ‘Pedestal’ Coffee Table #3578

This table is truly a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship, which also makes it a La Lune favorite. La Lune’s rustic furniture artisans are proud to sustain the ancient tradition of hand-made rustic furniture, as evidenced by the care taken to create this beautiful piece.

La Lune Collection Coffee Table #3373




5.  Rectangular Coffee Table with Willow Top #3456

This table features a charming rustic design of hand-notched branches which is carefully constructed using the same simple tools and techniques employed by furniture craftsman for several centuries.

La Lune Collection 3456 natural 600W



6.  Octagonal Coffee Table with Willow Top #3254

A precise octagonal pattern is the design centerpiece of this coffee table, carefully created with individual branches which are meticulously cut, arranged, and applied by hand by La Lune’s furniture artisans.

La Lune Collection 3254 natural 600W




7.  Square Coffee Table with Pine Top #3462

The combination of a smooth pine top and the distinctive design treatment of hand-notched branches makes this coffee table the centerpiece of any room!

La Lune Collection Coffee Table #3462





At the Waterfront with La Lune Collection

When breezes are soft and skies are fair,

I steal an hour from study and care,

And hide me away to the woodland scene,

Where wanders the stream with waters of green.

~ William Cullen Bryant, “Green River” in Poems of Nature

It’s true that La Lune Collection furniture is beautiful wherever it finds itself – bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, patios, and decks, to name a few such places – but as William Cullen Bryant expresses in his poem “Green River”,  there’s really nothing quite like experiencing the sights and sounds of a stream or river while relaxing in a La Lune chair. Just consider the examples below and we think you’ll agree!

La Lune Collection Club chair #1275

La Lune Collection Club Chair #1275
Victorian Hagan Interiors

This spectacular covered patio space belongs to a Colorado home designed by Victoria Hagan Interiors, New York, NY. What could be more refreshing than sitting next to a sparkling waterfall as it rushes down a pine tree-laden mountainside?

Pictured: La Lune Collection Club Chair #1175












La Lune Collection Club Chair #1006

La Lune Collection Club Chair #1006
Miller Architects

Miller Architects of Livingston, MT have created a grand outdoor space with a soaring ceiling of rough-hewn timbers, ideally situated next to the still waters of a tree-lined lake. We think there couldn’t possibly be a more serene spot for an afternoon of excellent reading.

Pictured: La Lune Collection Club Chair #1006













La Lune Collection Rocking Chair #1190

La Lune Collection Rocking Chairs #1190
Locati Architects

When is it a good time to rock the day away beside a lazy stream with your very best friend? Always! This magnificent home by Locati Architects, Bozeman, MT – aptly called “Quiet Waters” – shows us why.

Pictured: La Lune Collection Rocking Chair #1190











Spotlight on a Rustic Canopy Bed

No self-respecting parent would admit to having a favorite child – and so it is with us at La Lune Collection. While we love all of our beautiful rustic bed “children” equally, there does seem to be a clear fan favorite in the collection – namely, Canopy Bed #4276-#4282.

La Lune Collection Canopy Bed 4278


An unquestionable masterpiece, the graceful, freeform lines of natural branches create the dramatic design feature of Canopy Bed #4278. Strikingly beautiful, it will most surely draw compliments from all who see or sleep in it.









Drawing on Canopy Bed #4280 in Taupe finish as this installation’s centerpiece, Minneapolis-based interior designer Billy Beson has created a magnificent monochromatic ski resort bedroom in Beaver Creek, CO. Truly gorgeous!

La Lune Canopy Bed #4280 - Billy Beson Interiors











The talented interior designers at Design Associates and Locati Architects, both located in Bozeman, MT, are collaboratively responsible for this spectacular bedroom – featuring Canopy Bed #4280 in Sandstone finish – which overlooks a soaring mountain range. Clearly, this must be where the term “room with a view” received its inspiration!

La Lune Canopy Bed #4280 - Design Associates, Inc.











The designers at Laurie Waterhouse Interiors in Jackson, WY are the creative forces behind this bedroom featuring Canopy Bed #4280 in Natural finish. The result of their vision? Rustic chic at its most luxurious.

La Lune Canopy Bed #4280 - Laurie Waterhouse Interiors











If we had a favorite photo of the beautiful Canopy Bed #4278 it just might be this one, in Antique White finish, with La Lune’s own Little Red Riding Hood. This particular Little Red happens to be none other than Cristina, the then-9 year old daughter of La Lune founders Mario and Cathy Costantini, photographed when she was in the 3rd grade. And the “big, bad wolf” was an actual pet wolf named Sheba, who lived down the street from the La Lune Collection factory.  (Read the related  blog article to get the full story behind this photo shoot.)

La Lune Collection's Little Red Riding Hood - Canopy Bed #4278

La Lune Collection’s Little Red Riding Hood

We’re Seeing Red at La Lune Collection!

It was iconic designer Bill Blass who coined the phrase “When in doubt – wear red.”

At La Lune Collection, we’re pretty sure Mr. Blass was on to something – without doubt red is a strong and confident color, and best of all, nearly every piece of La Lune Collection furniture looks categorically stunning in red.  It was also Bill Blass who said “Red is the ultimate cure for sadness” – and we think that sounds like reason enough to consider bringing one or more shades of “La Lune Red” into the home – take a look and see if you agree!

Rustic Club Chair and Ottoman #1248, 1254 by La Lune Collection


Club Chair #1248 & Ottoman #1254

With its strong, sturdy, and classic lines, this Club Chair and Ottoman take center stage in a bold Navajo design fabric.  Equally at home in traditional, rustic, and eclectic settings, these pieces are carefully created by hand, using the same simple tools and techniques employed by furniture craftsman for several centuries.




Rustic Buffet #2118 by La Lune Collection


Buffet #2118

This finely crafted Buffet – shown here with decorative trim in Redwood finish – provides a beautiful place to store the finest dishes and stemware. La Lune’s expert craftsmen have tended to every detail in its construction, carefully cutting and applying by hand the branches that make up its distinctive geometric designs.




Rustic Side Chair #1294 by La Lune Collection


Side Chair #1294

The striking “diamond back” motif is truly a stand-out design element on this Side Chair, a perfect dining chair – its seat and back are masterfully upholstered by our exceptional craftsmen, making it the perfect combination of style, strength, and comfort.




Rustic Pedestal table #3369 by La Lune Collection


Table #3369

This Coffee Table, fashioned of “bundled” aspen branches, is featured here in Redwood finish – truly a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship, which accounts for it being a La Lune favorite. Our furniture artisans are proud to sustain the ancient tradition of hand-made rustic furniture with their unparalleled skill.

Rustic Club Chair #1242 by La Lune Collection




Club Chair #1242

A handsome pattern of angled branches creates the outstanding design feature of this Club Chair. Meticulous construction, kiln drying, special joints and finishes, and attention to every detail ensure the enduring beauty and comfort of La Lune furniture – including this beautiful piece.


Alfresco Dining à La Lune

It’s certainly no secret that we’re big fans of outdoor entertaining – and in particular alfresco dining – here at La Lune Collection. Whether it’s dinner on the deck with friends, or cool refreshments in a screened porch nook with family members, we believe in making the most of the warm weather while it lasts..

Screened Porch

What could be better than spending a warm summer afternoon with a pitcher of fresh lemonade, poring over a good book while seated in this charming screened porch by Andrew Maier Interiors?

Discover: Stools #1142 & Octagonal Table w/Willow Top #3330, both in Antique White Finish (Photography courtesy of Andrew Maier Interior Design, Locust Valley, NY)

Andrew Maier Porch - La Lune Stools #1142 and Table #3330












Covered Deck

With views of a soaring Colorado mountain range in the background, this covered deck by Locati Architects serves as a spectacular backdrop for a memorable dinner with good friends.

Discover: Chairs #1400 & Trestle Table w/Cedar Top #3121, both in Natural Finish (Photography courtesy of Locati Architects, Bozeman, MT)

Locati Architects Deck - La Lune Chairs #1400 and Table #3121











Completely Outdoors

Tuck this sweet table and chairs in just the right space of the backyard patio – and presto – the perfect breakfast nook for morning coffee and newspaper! We can almost hear the birds chirping, can’t you?

Discover: Side Chairs #1204 & Custom Outdoor Table, both in Kahlua Finish

La Lune Collection Chairs #1204, Custom Dining Table











 La Lune Collection ‘Al Fresco Seating’

The three “stars of the show” in our alfresco dining rooms are their beautiful, unique, and comfortable seating selections, shown below. Now, what are we waiting for? Let’s get outdoors and enjoy some warm weather!

(Discover: Side chair #1204, Stool #1142, Side Chair #1400)

La Lune Collection Side Chair #1204

Side Chair #1204

La Lune Collection Stool #1142

Stool #1142

La Lune Collection Side Chair #1400

Side Chair #1400