La Lune Collection ♥ “The Great Outdoors”!

La Lune Collection and “The Great Outdoors” are most definitely a natural combination.  And, as it is with most happy couples, they just seem to be made for each other – they’re comfortable in each other’s company, and one brings out the best qualities in the other. We’ve assembled five glorious examples that illustrate this perfect match – a collection of patios, decks, and porches – from some of La Lune Collection’s favorite interior designer clients.

Take a look – it’s easy to see why we’re in love with the majestic mountains, lush green fields, and stately pine forests that serve as the most breathtaking backdrops for furniture from La Lune Collection!


1. “Mountain Air” Deck by Kathryn Long, ASID – Asheville, NC

Take a closer look: Rocking Chair #1190

Mountain Air  625W NO BORDER!










2.  “Brookfield Estate” Patio by La Lune Collection – Brookfield, WI

Take a closer look: Club Chair #1174, Coffee Table #3534

La Lune Collection - Brookfield Estate












3. “Quiet Waters” Patio by Locati Architects – Bozeman, MT

Take a closer look: Side Chair #1400 & Arm Chair #1402, Dining Table #3072

La Lune Collection - Locati Quiet Waters












4. “360 Ranch” Patio by Miller Architects – Livingston, MT

Take a closer look: Chaise #1036, Club Chair #1032, Sofa #1028

La Lune Collection - Miller Architects












5. “Peaks View” Porch by Locati Architects – Bozeman, MT

Take a closer look: Club Chair #1174, Sofa #1170, Octagonal Side Table #3412, Rectangular Coffee TableLoveseat #1168

La Lune Collection - Locati Peaks View













Pantone Color Picks by La Lune Collection

Pantone, recognized as the world’s authority on color, has been inspiring design professionals with “products, services, and leading technology for colorful exploration” for over 50 years.

One of Pantone’s ongoing services is to issue seasonal fashion ‘color reports’,  indicating the color palettes to watch for from the world’s top designers. Most recently Pantone  issued its Fashion Color Report Fall 2015 – according to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of Pantone’s Color Institute, this Fall designers are favoring a palette of 70’s colors,  ”earthy neutrals with a range of bold color statements, evocative of a love for nature and a timeless appreciation for warmth.”

We thought it would be fun to jump on the Pantone ‘color wagon’, and have chosen several beautiful rustic furniture pieces from La Lune Collection “wearing” the top five Pantone Fall colors.  We think they all look ready for the runway!


Pantone Desert Sage5.  Pantone “Desert Sage”

“A cool and soothing greenish gray, PANTONE 16-0110 Desert Sage is the ideal neutral. Timeless and unobtrusive yet at the same time stylishly powerful enough to make an impactful statement on its own, Desert Sage speaks to this feeling of naturally inspired colors that remind us of things that are real and not invented.”



La Lune Collection Arm Chairs #1052La Lune Collection Arm Chairs #1052

An elegant juxtaposition of straight lines and gentle curves is evident in the pleasing design of this Arm Chair – the tight upholstered seat completes its clean, graceful silhouette.







reflecting pond4. Pantone “Reflecting Pond”

“Thoughtful, contemplative and composed, PANTONE 19-4326 Reflecting Pond is a cooling blue with a lot of depth. Conveying a message of credibility, Reflecting Pond is a serious shade that speaks to our need for stability and security.”



La Lune Collection Side Chair #1288, Table #3338

La Lune Side Chair #1288

A striking “diamond back” motif is the stand-out design element on this Side Chair – with seat and back masterfully upholstered by La Lune craftsmen, it’s the perfect combination of style, strength, and comfort.

La Lune Dining Table #3336

This Dining Table is truly a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship – its surfaces feature branches that are precisely cut and applied by hand by La Lune’s skilled artisans to create beautifully detailed patterns.




Pantone Biscay Bay3. Pantone “Biscay Bay”

A lush and elegant teal, PANTONE 18-4726, Biscay Bay splashes up against more heated tones with its cool touch. Combining the serene qualities of blue with the invigorating aspects of green, the cool and confident Biscay Bay inspires thoughts of soothing, tropical waters, taking us to a place that is pleasant and inviting.”



La Lune Collection Chaise #1181La Lune Collection Chaise #1181

This Chaise is a genuinely comfortable lounging spot, as well as a classically beautiful piece of furniture – marvelously constructed by hand, using the same simple tools and techniques employed by furniture craftsman for several centuries.







marsala2. Pantone “Marsala”

“Interesting on its own and a wonderful contrast for other hues, PANTONE 18-1438 Marsala is a winey red-brown that adds finesse and savoir faire. Rich and robust, Marsala incorporates the warmth and richness of a tastefully fulfilling meal, while its grounding red-brown roots point to a sophisticated, natural earthiness.”



La Lune Porch Swing #1233La Lune Collection Porch Swing #1233

A delightfully beautiful and comfy addition to your front porch – or even an indoor room, just for fun – this La Lune Porch Swing is sure to bring a sense of pure joy to your home.







Pantone Dried Herb1. Pantone “Dried Herb”

“An olive green shade once thought of as strictly safari or military, PANTONE 17-0627 Dried Herb has been elevated into a color we now perceive as sophisticated and chic. Closely related to nature, Dried Herb is an organic shade redolent of nature’s earthy fragrances.”



La Lune Bed (Queen) #4243La Lune Collection Bed #4243

An even row of poplar pegs is featured on the top of the headboard and footboard of this striking Bed. Underneath, the fine upholstery work of La Lune’s talented craftsmen is displayed –  the combination is a compelling example of refined rustic style.










Sweet Dreams are Made of These: Canopy Beds by La Lune

Sweet dreams are made of these – who are we to disagree?

Annie Lennox of the ‘Eurythmics’, who sang nearly identical words almost 25 years ago, could very well have been singing about La Lune Collection’s distinctively beautiful canopy beds. Canopy bed lovers from far and wide appreciate them for their dramatic presence and strong statement of style, which are clearly evident in La Lune’s canopy beds. La Lune Collection proudly sustains the ancient tradition of hand-made rustic furniture – all La Lune canopy beds are made entirely by hand in the United States of environmentally secure woods, using the same methods and materials as those of the early artisans.

Take a look below at a sampling of La Lune’s collection of canopy beds – what tune do they have you singing?

Rustic Canopy Bed #4090 in Antique White Finish

Elegant and stately, this Canopy Bed lends a sense of drama to any decorating style – equally at home in traditional, contemporary, and eclectic settings.

La Lune Collection Canopy Bed # 4090


Rustic Canopy Bed #4280 in Natural Finish

This bed is a true masterpiece, featuring the graceful and freeform lines of natural branches as its striking design feature.

La Lune Collection Canopy Bed #4280


Rustic Canopy Bed #4150 in Natural Finish

The impact of pure drama is achieved with this charming bed – gracefully curved branches form its headboard and footboard, providing an exquisite design focus.

 La Lune Collection Canopy Bed #4150



Rustic Canopy Bed #4176 in Ebony Finish

A striking pattern of angled branches is the outstanding design feature of this handsome bed – attention to every design and construction detail ensures its enduring beauty and comfort.La Lune Collection Canopy Bed #4176




Rustic Canopy Bed #4090 in Mushroom Finish

Classic lines, refined rustic styling, and superior craftsmanship combine to create the ultimate sleeping experience with this beautiful bed.

La Lune Collection Canopy Bed #4090



Grab a Seat at the Bar: A Look at La Lune Collection’s Counter Stools and Bar Stools

Counter stools and bar stools are versatile seating options that can add character, color and texture to kitchen and bar designs — or simply offer a comfortable place to sit. Choosing a bar stool or counter stool that fits your design and space is extremely important as these seats will serve as a focal point in the room, and since they’ll get lots of use their comfort is imperative. La Lune Collection boasts a large and beautiful selection of unique, rustic bar stools and counter stools – take a closer look below at just a few of these beauties.


La Lune Collection Barstool #1298, Table #3049



La Lune Collection Counter Stool #1390 / Ebony


Rustic Counter Stool #1390

in Ebony Finish

Graceful, organic lines of nature are exquisitely featured on the back of this Counter Stool. The seat and back are masterfully upholstered by La Lune’s exceptional craftsmen, achieving the perfect combination of style, strength, and comfort.






La Lune Collection Barstool #1138Rustic Bar Stool #1138

in Natural Finish

Substantial and striking – this Bar Stool is the perfect combination of strength and beauty.  A favorite in the restaurant and hotel world, it has proven to stand up to even the most rigorous wear, all the while maintaining its good looks and classic rustic appeal.







La Lune Collection Barstool #1384, #1386Rustic Bar Stool #1384

in Ebony Finish

La Lune Collection’s  expert artisans carefully weave top quality leather on the back of this Bar Stool to create a masterpiece of craftsmanship and comfort.






La Lune Collection Counter Stool #1142, Barstool #1144



Rustic Counter Stool #1142 – Bar Stool #1146 in Natural Finish

Here is La Lune’s rustic update on the classic square-seat Counter Stool and Bar Stool – strong, stylish, convenient – and so perfectly suited to fit any space and interior design style.





La Lune Collection Barstool #1124, #1122 Rustic Bar Stool #1122 – #1124

in Natural Finish

The backs of these Bar Stools feature an attractive “fan” design, which complements many interior design styles.








Spring is for Nesting! (and Nesting Tables by La Lune Collection)

robins nesting smaller

A glance out of La Lune’s office windows on this early April morning reveals that the robins have found their way back home – welcome proof indeed that Spring has arrived to our beloved Wisconsin, as well as to all of the northern United States.  Industrious Mrs. Robin Redbreast will quickly turn her thoughts and activities to the task of gathering twigs and small branches for nesting – and so it is with the craftsmen of La Lune.

What better time could there be than Spring, the season of nesting, to showcase La Lune Collection’s own beautiful – and functional – nesting tables?


La Lune Collection Nesting Tables #3424


Nesting Tables with Willow Tops #3424

in Natural Finish

One of these charming side tables – featuring a rustic trademark diamond design motif –  is absolutely wonderful.  Which means, of course, that two are even better!







La Lune Collection Nesting Tables #3425

Nesting Tables with Cedar Plank Tops #3425

in Kahlua Finish

Featuring a peeled bark finish with a cedar plank top, this set of tables is perfect for outdoor use as well as indoors. As with all La Lune Collection furniture, these tables are constructed by hand, using the same simple tools and techniques employed by furniture craftsman for several centuries.







La Lune Collection Nesting Tables #3424


Nesting Tables with Willow Tops #3424

in Redwood Finish

Branches are meticulously cut and applied by hand by La Lune’s skilled artisans to create the beautiful patterns on this set of tables – and a warm, rich Redwood finish completes its rustic charm.






Service With a Style: Beautiful Rustic Buffets from La Lune Collection

Everyone knows that a well-dressed dining room will feature as its centerpiece a dining table and chairs, as this is precisely where family and friends will gather to share meals and conversation. However, let’s not forget another important dining room furniture piece – a necessity for serving said delicious fare to its eager recipients – which is alternately referred to as a “sideboard”, “buffet”, “credenza”, or “server”, depending on what part of the country one calls home. In our beloved Wisconsin, one most often hears reference to “buffet”, so this is the term we will use for the remainder of this discussion.

The earliest versions of today’s buffet originated in England, making their appearance in the 18th century, but quickly gaining popularity during the 19th century as households became more prosperous. Sweden is credited with using buffets to lay out large displays of food and drink – known as smorgasbords – and the concept of buffet tables soon spread to France and ultimately to the rest of Europe and the Americas.

Today, the buffet is an important dining room accessory, adding style to function.  At La Lune Collection we’re proud of our own collection of beautiful buffets, offered in a variety of sizes, designs, and finishes, and from which we’ve curated here a small sampling  – presenting La Lune’s “service with a style”!


La Lune Collection Buffet 2510

Rustic Buffet #2510

This finely crafted buffet features a striking background of White Birch, accented with contrasting willow trim in a Natural finish on bark.








La Lune Collection 2120 natural 500

Rustic Buffet #2120

A dramatic Ebony finish sets off this buffet – our expert craftsmen have tended to every detail in its construction, carefully cutting and applying by hand the branches that make up its precise geometric designs.








La Lune Collection Buffet 2110


Rustic Buffet #2110

Featuring a geometric pattern configured of poplar branches in a Desert finish, this buffet affords a beautiful place to store the finest dishes and stemware, and provides the perfect (and ample) space for serving.







La Lune Collection Buffet 2124


Rustic Buffet #2124

With its traditional appeal and superb craftsmanship, this buffet in a Natural finish has the look and feel of furnishings from a bygone era.








La Lune Collection Buffet 2538


Rustic Buffet #2538

This charming two-door buffet shows off its pattern of branches in a Spruce finish and features a smooth, pine plank top – perfect for entertaining in a smaller space.







La Lune Collection Buffet 2542


Rustic Buffet #2542

Four doors, and two drawers, and a finely detailed decorative pattern of poplar branches are the hallmarks of this lovely buffet in a Natural finish.








Warm Weather Dreaming with La Lune Collection

There’s no denying it. As much as we adore our beloved Wisconsin, it’s true that her winters – with all of the snow-dumping, wild winds, and biting cold – can just get tiresome after a few months. But, when we land solidly in the second half of February – and if we stand on our tiptoes – we can peek over into March and dream of the warm weather that beckons from not so very far off.

In the spirit of the “warm weather dreaming”, we’re inspired to share a few photos that were shot by La Lune photographers at a breathtaking wooded Wisconsin estate shortly before the snowflakes appeared last fall.

Join La Lune Collection as we muse, photographically, about the milder months ahead!

La Lune Collection Club Chair 1174, Coffee Table 3534











 La Lune Collection Club Chairs #1174 and Coffee Table #3534 in Kahlua Finish



La Lune Collection Club Chair 1174, Sofa 1170, Coffee Table 3458











La Lune Collection Club Chairs #1174, Sofa #1170, and Coffee Table #3458 in Kahlua Finish



La Lune Collection Settee 1404, Side Table 3450











La Lune Collection Settee #1404 and Side Table #3450 in Kahlua Finish


Thanks for taking a quick warm weather “photo trip” with La Lune Collection – stay warm, and we’ll see you again in March!



The Elegance of Natural Branches: La Lune Collection’s Signature Design

La Lune Collection is renowned for an extensive array of rustic furniture designs – and with hundreds of items offered in a variety of different rustic styles, the reputation is indeed well deserved. Some of La Lune’s most popular pieces, in what we consider a La Lune Collection signature design, are those that feature a striking display of free-form natural branches.

La Lune’s skilled furniture artisans have perfected the process for creating these organic works of art. After selecting branches for their individual and intrinsic beauty, the craftsman uses a discerning eye to carefully work them together into a handsome assemblage. The resulting creation is gently sanded and then followed by a finish application, rendering it smooth to the touch. (All La Lune finishes are non-polluting, non-toxic, non-flammable, water-based finishes which are locally manufactured exclusively for La Lune Collection.) Each completed item is entirely different from the next, and is in itself a true and unique artwork.

Take a look below at a few examples of La Lune Collection’s signature design –presenting the elegance of natural branches!


La Lune Collection Bed #4304

Rustic Bed #4304 in Natural Finish

An unquestionable masterpiece, the graceful and freeform contours of natural branches form the unique design feature on this Bed’s headboard and footboard. Strikingly beautiful, it will most surely draw compliments from anyone who sees it or sleeps in it!








Rustic Settee #1404 in Ebony FinishLa Lune Collection Settee 1404 500

The organic lines of nature are the design trademarks of this Settee, which is created by hand, using the same simple tools and techniques employed by furniture craftsman for several centuries.








La Lune Collection Barstools #1390

Rustic Barstools #1390 in Natural Finish

Branches are exquisitely framed on the back of these Barstools – the seat and back are masterfully upholstered by our exceptional craftsmen, achieving the perfect combination of style, strength, and comfort.






       La Lune Collection Bench 1502


Rustic Bench #1502 in Kahlua Finish

This magnificent Bench is crafted of hand-peeled cedar branches, making it perfect for outdoor use and demonstrating the unrivaled artistry and skill of La Lune Collection’s craftsmen.






 La Lune Collection Side and Arm Chairs 1400, 1402 430

Rustic Side Chair #1400 & Rustic Arm Chair #1402 in Pecan Finish

It’s easy to see why this Side Chair and Arm Chair are La Lune Collection favorites, blending nature and artistic creativity with practical function.







La Lune Collection Canopy Bed 4278


Rustic Canopy Bed #4278 in Natural Finish

This charmingly beautiful Canopy Bed, a true La Lune Collection masterpiece,  without question creates the impact of pure drama!










Where to put the King’s Robe? Majestic Rustic Armoires by La Lune Collection.

There’s no question that the armoire– a tall, freestanding cabinet with doors, drawers, shelves and room for hanging clothes – is an imposing piece of furniture.  Indeed, stemming from the Latin word “armorium” which means literally “a chest for storing armor”, the armoire’s original function was for storing armor and weapons. Eventually, the armoire was elevated to the designated safekeeping place for the king’s robe. In particular, armoires designed by André-Charles Boulle – the cabinetmaker to Louis XIV in the late 17th century – are historically recognized for their exquisite beauty.

Known today for their exquisite beauty and superb craftsmanship are La Lune Collection’s armoires. Take a look at a sampling of La Lune’s armoire collection – we think you’ll agree they’re all just right for the king’s robe, as well as your own!

La Lune Collection Armoire #2006

Rustic Armoire #2006

Branches are meticulously cut and positioned by hand by La Lune Collection’s skilled artisans to create each individual pattern on this handsome Armoire. Finely crafted, interior and exterior, it is genuinely a piece of artwork.











La Lune Collection 2024 sage 460W


Rustic Armoire #2024

This beautifully proportioned Armoire  is a striking addition to any living room, dining room, or bedroom. Our expert craftsmen carefully cut and apply by hand the branches – shown here in a Sage finish – that make up its unique designs.










La Lune Collection Armoire #2046


Rustic Armoire #2046

A beautiful pattern of repeating geometric designs – hand applied by our furniture artisans – set this extraordinary Armoire apart from its peers. Our craftsmen proudly sustain the ancient tradition of hand-made rustic furniture, using the same methods and materials that were used by the earliest artisans.










Rustic Armoire 32029 by La Lune Collection


Rustic Armoire #2029

Tall and sleek, the mirrored door on this Armoire in an Ebony finish brings light and a sense of space to any room. The addition of a roomy bottom drawer, featuring a subtle geometric pattern formed with poplar branches, adds bonus storage space.










Rustic Armoire #2064 by La Lune Collection


Rustic Armoire #2064

With its gently curved top and beautifully inlaid branch design, shown here in a striking Redwood finish, this Armoire has the look and feel of furnishings from a bygone era.  As with all La Lune Collection armoires, it is handmade in our small, pristine workshop of locally harvested willow and/or poplar woods using sustainable, efficient, and extremely eco-friendly manufacturing methods.









Looking Ahead… and Looking Back: The Top 5 La Blog Posts of 2014

Happy New Year wishes to all from La Lune Collection!

As we look forward to 2015, we’re excited to consider with anticipation the new opportunities, experiences – and beautiful new rustic furniture designs – that the new year will bring. At the same time, what  fun it is for us to recall the full year that we have just left behind!  And so, in the spirit of reflection, we share here our most popular La Blog posts of 2014.

1. Bunk Beds and Trundle Beds from La Lune – Not Just for Kids Anymore

At La Lune Collection we are big fans of the bunk bed – and we know we’re not alone. In recent years bunk beds have shown that they’re not just for kids’ rooms, dorm rooms, and summer camp anymore – and are  proving themselves to be a stylish and functional answer to space-saving concerns.

La Lune Collection Bunk Bed #4256



2. Alfresco Dining à La Lune

It’s no secret that we love outdoor entertaining – and in particular alfresco dining – here at La Lune Collection. Whether it’s sharing dinner on the deck with friends, or serving cool refreshments in a screened porch nook with family members, we believe in making the most of the warm weather while it lasts!

La Lune Collection



3. Upholstered Beds by La Lune – Guaranteed to Bring Sweet Dreams!

There aren’t many things that generate a sense of tranquility like the elegant comfort of an upholstered bed. Luckily, La Lune Collection’s own master upholsterers carefully create beautiful upholstered beds and headboards that are certain to bring sweet dreams for many nights, years, and generations to come!

La Lune Collection Bed #4243



4. La Lune Collection ♥ Houzz!

At La Lune Collection we are big fans of Houzz – the online platform for home remodeling and design inspiration – which describes itself as “a community of more than 20 million homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals—across the country and around the world”.  La Lune is happy to be a member of this vibrant community of “Houzzers” – and so are many of our amazing design clients.

La Lune Collection Elizabeth Robb Interiors



5. Meet La Lune Collection – Introducing the People “Behind the Moon”

Storied basketball coach, Phil Jackson, once wrote “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” At La Lune Collection we believe these words capture the spirit of our own team.

Cathy & Mario Costantini, La Lune Collection


We enjoyed our “stroll” through 2014 and hope you did, too.  Please join us in 2015 for more La Blog articles – it’s so easy – just visit our sign-up page!