Warm Weather Dreaming with La Lune Collection

There’s no denying it. As much as we adore our beloved Wisconsin, it’s true that her winters – with all of the snow-dumping, wild winds, and biting cold – can just get tiresome after a few months. But, when we land solidly in the second half of February – and if we stand on our tiptoes – we can peek over into March and dream of the warm weather that beckons from not so very far off.

In the spirit of the “warm weather dreaming”, we’re inspired to share a few photos that were shot by La Lune photographers at a breathtaking wooded Wisconsin estate shortly before the snowflakes appeared last fall.

Join La Lune Collection as we muse, photographically, about the milder months ahead!

La Lune Collection Club Chair 1174, Coffee Table 3534











 La Lune Collection Club Chairs #1174 and Coffee Table #3534 in Kahlua Finish



La Lune Collection Club Chair 1174, Sofa 1170, Coffee Table 3458











La Lune Collection Club Chairs #1174, Sofa #1170, and Coffee Table #3458 in Kahlua Finish



La Lune Collection Settee 1404, Side Table 3450











La Lune Collection Settee #1404 and Side Table #3450 in Kahlua Finish


Thanks for taking a quick warm weather “photo trip” with La Lune Collection – stay warm, and we’ll see you again in March!