Monthly Archives: September 2013

Rustic Log Beds à La Lune Collection

If someone mentions “rustic log bed” to you, and visions of stark hunting cabins come to mind, you may want to think again. Scores of interior designers have used La Lune Collection log beds as the centerpiece of their bedroom designs with dramatic results. One La Lune favorite is this vacation home bedroom by Laurie Waterhouse… Read more »

La Lune Style: Rustic, Traditional, Eclectic, Transitional?

Imagine we’re designing a living room around a La Lune Collection club chair – how would we describe the style of this room?  One would be tempted to identify it as “rustic”,  but truthfully, doing so would limit the realm of design possibilities.  Interior designers across the country have brilliantly implemented La Lune Collection furniture… Read more »